Comment on Tosin Abiodun: We Can’t All Move To Canada by wesley

Hear, hear!!! I honestly do not have a desire to leave Nigeria but I feel like I may have to tell myself the hard truth in the next few months. I’m at a pivotal point in my career that I could easily get stuck in a redundant place… If I were to get a job outside the country, for say, 10 or so years, it changes the whole playing field for me. I’m honestly wondering whether to make the jump. I want to hang on but like I said in an earlier response I posted, I may be betting on a change that is likely not to come that soon.

Comment on Maryam Sanda who allegedly fatally stabbed Husband asked for Divorce before his Death – Witness by Weezy

Your hypocrisy is stunning. I just have to break it down.

“Stupid comment. And typical hypocritical comment from a fish brain.”

WHERE IS THE LOGIC in the above? Ad hominem attacks insulting a poster because what they said is paining you. Generalizing one person’s comment to 50% of the population.

And women are ones who lack logic and are “fish brains”?? I am waiting for you to explain how you are logical mr. john. You sound just like Donald Trump – projecting your own deficiencies and inadequacies unto other people. It’s almost sad. Funny thing is if all bellanaija commenters met in real life, you would be the least impressive person in the room. People who bombast and troll like you do never have anything worth talking about offline.

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