Comment on When a Nation Becomes Funeral Home by Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical


Dear AA,

The buck stops at the desk of the President – no? – if he is ever there that is. And it would be right to blame him squarely because many now believe that he is complicit in Government inaction. At the very least, the optics don’t look good.

I feel that if you concentrated on the achievements or NOT of the central characters you portray in your interesting contribution, you would present a more valid, more true paper.

For example, history, the evidence and the conclusions of the international community does not find that Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala an “over-rated administrator” – rather, the manner with which she revolutionised the role, the systems she put in place and the successes she recorded is what has caused many to consider in comparison, that Mrs Adeosun’s effort is akin to elevating a corner shop owner in Sandgross market to managing a large WallMart.

Nonetheless, you offer some very interesting solutions and your last sentence is quite true.

Comment on Here’s Why Miss Akwa Ibom Teen Was Dethroned by BAOkuo


The question is how she got to the top? Outward dirty & ugly beauty driving our society into more, mud & shit. Now we have seen the true dry mud in gold coat revealed after a little scratch. No matter how beautiful some may be, they may be raw bitter leaf taste forever. A word is enough only for the wise. May God deliver Nigeria from the hands of the immoral, wicked & wolves in sheep clothes.

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