Comment on Dolapo Oni shares her Experience as a Working New Mum in New Vlog | Watch on BN TV by seriously


At least, you are able to hire help. To have that luxury to do that here is challenging. Be ready, for all your paychecks to go into such expenses added to other bills. which is the reason many go into nursing bcos it’s more flexible compared to other professions. Here you leave your young baby with complete strangers at a daycare.
Banking and financial sector is tough everywhere. It’s one of the least flexible fields. From what you are describing it’s either your area is understaffed, nepotism, lack of important material, not enough qualified people working and doing the right thing. And if not enough qualified people, it means certain people will feel the burn more .
But in general Nigerian workforce is mentally lazy which translate into physical laziness

Comment on Busola Obayomi: Yoruba People & the Obsession with Age & Respect by Californiabawlar


Lmaoo! Sister’s friend?? Wetin she chop? Hmmn, as a proper stubborn Ekiti girl, I have navigated all of this respect nonsense since I was a child by being extremely unfriendly to everyone.
My mum and siblings can get it if they don’t reciprocate respect, much less some rando Aunty/Uncle. I only speak English and am usually very curt and polite to new people…. after I establish boundaries, I relax and then become nice and friendly. This formula ALWAYS works. No one expects much from me to begin with but they love all me! There’s just always this we all know she’s not very alright distance that helps me keep my sanity.

I’m just out here living my best Yoruba life.

Comment on Nigerian lady defies speech impairment to win international speech contest by Olu Joseph

Kudos to Toastmaster Omei. She is not just a public speaker but a great listener. In Toastmasters Club everyone becomes better communicators and leaders as they continue in the journey. I celebrate her. Toastmaster Olu Joseph, Vice President Public Relations, Aso Rock Stars Toastmasters Club, Abuja.

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