Comment on Female lawyer in police net for torturing her 9-yr-old adopted daughter after tagging her a witch by Hope Amarachi Opara


She should know better than to adopt a child and subject her to nothing… Let the law take its course on her afterall she is a false defender of the law

Comment on Islamic New Year: Two states declare public holidays by Bakanridi


When does it become a crime for citizen to respect his/her religious
scared days?Why the noise about some states declaring a public holiday
in respect of their religions? Why not not making such noise on 1st
January every year when the Gregorian Year is ushered? Let’s be fair to
ourselves, are these States not entitled to their beliefs? Or it is part
of Islamophobia?

Comment on Nigerian Court grants injunction proscribing IPOB by BEN IKARI


This is an incomplete or at best very poor reporting as with many Premium Times’ reports, which carries varying degrees of misspellings like mine’s, and congested grammar despite supposedly several editors’ reviews. To my point: on what ground or evidence did the carefully selected judge to favor Hausa-Fulani-led government grant the said injunction? Did he grant it based on the inferior, incompetent yet locally deadly and terrorist military classification of IPOB as a terrorist group, an act the military itself already denied after backlash, or he granted it because of the action of the Southeastern governors whose basis can not pass their local assembly test; is it Buhari, the military dictator representing the federal Hausa-Fulani military government that ordered him to? Mind you Buhari already approved the ill-fated classification by the terrorist military entity. We knew this fact whether reported or not, though great you confirmed it in this incomplete report. Anyway, if you are Premium Times, when you are reporting on important and sensitive matter such as this you do not throw the work to amateurs who do not understand the key elements needed to make such reporting complete and compelling for good or great read. This is more like the many cut and nail reporting or journalism done by Sahara Reporter and many other Nigerian Online newsreels. Meanwhile, except the government presented new evidence that is compelling, if the court relied on the military evidence that was listed last week then its ruling may not be based on any precedent or case law since what the military listed did not pass the terrorism checklist test. In any case, Buhari and his Hausa-Fulani team with their puppet vice president aka pastor-lawyer, are willing to trivialize the danger posed by the new and terrorist group (next to Boko Haram, which is under the sponsorship of Hausa-Fulanis), Fulani herdsmen killing squad and do anything including seeking the cooperation of Hausa-Fulani or Northern Judges to proscribe IPOB. By the way IPOB despite certain misguided rants by Nnamdi Kanu, is an a peaceful and nonviolent indigenous Igbo group which has right to seek self determination protected or guaranteed by natural and international laws, which Nigeria claims to understand by being signatory. Obviously, if the army or police, other law enforcement and security agencies deliberately go to Igboland to harass and intimidate IPOB members then kill some of them no court or reasonable group, society should expect any group being attacked and members tortured and killed not to defend itself where possible. The acts of self defense in the face of unprovoked attacks and killing can not be the ground to classify IPOB terrorist group assuming members fought in self defense. There have been reports of human right violation or abuses by the Nigerian armed forces against IPOD members peacefully rallying or protesting.

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