Comment on We will burn Biafra’s flag, recite Nigeria’s national anthem in Abuja – IPOB Splinter Group, TRIOPOB by Benjamin kish



have decided finally just like Mohamadu Buhari to commit suicide on the 1st of October 2016.

I refuse to sympathize with them because the ISLAMIC jihadist planned to attract as many people as possible for massacre immediately INDEPENDENT OF BIAFRA IS DECLARED.

Among those billed for execution include Rocha’s OkoroAwusa, Alfa Joe Ahmed Igbokwe, etc.

They will be slaughtered in the same venue THE REGIONAL IGNORED PERSONS OF BIAFRA chose to collect Blood money from the poedophile Adolf Hitler and murderous Islamic jihadist Mohamadu Buhari.

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What about the right of the child? A few years ago there was a feature story in one of the papers (in UK) about a woman, aged 36-38, who had 11 abortions, yes 11! I kid you not and what made me even more angry was that she had all these abortions because she was not ready to have kids!
I’m sure plenty of people will defend someone like this because it’s ‘her body, her choice’ but really? ?

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Hmmmm….it had been a very annoying day and on my way back from school, I met one of my distant uncles. I was so delighted to see him. He told me he came for business in Lagos and he gave me N10,000. That was enough to wash away all the troubles of the day!!!😊
Because it was late, I had to keep the money in my wardrobe, hoping to deposit it in the bank the next day.
While my roommates and I slept, someone came into the room to steal.
In the morning, everyone found their wardrobes open!!! I was already in tears. But, my wardrobe was still locked and intact, although there where marks on it showing that someone had tried to open it.
I was so delighted and also grateful to my dad because he was the one that personally paid a carpenter to make sure my wardrobe was properly fortified and could not be easily broken into.
Thank God for good wardrobes.
#Emilinks #Goodwardrobes #day17 #MyDoorStory

Comment on We will burn Biafra’s flag, recite Nigeria’s national anthem in Abuja – IPOB Splinter Group, TRIOPOB by lewachi


Why Buhari so stupid ly this osji Attan you suppose to no that 2016 is not 1967 u people never tire or here that Biafra is dead or life ipob means really people of Biafra not criminal u mend who sold it life ur future ur career and 4got tomorrow. Biafra never fail I love ipob I love biafra I love odogbo nwafo Nnamdi kanu anyi kwu gi nazu

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If only these people killing God created people understand this portion ‘Quran 46:9’
they wont be killing people.Whomever believe in true God will not destroy the work of his hands.Unfortunately there is no salvation for them according to the this Quran 46:9 portion.Since they dont know where they will end then it means they dont have better end.