Comment on Okowa, Uduaghan, Osunbor for Delta NUJ lecture by myke oghene


Governor Okowa has two more years to develop his backward neglected Anioma (Delta North). His negligence of this clamour will relegate the Aniomas to perpetual slavery in the state. The thief that was celebrated recently will continue to control and dictate to whoever governs the state. It is unthinkable that the worst thief is so free in the state. If we have a workable EFCC Uduaghan would have been in jail by now. Miserably the EFCC is not proactive hence they are relying on Whistle Blowers. Buhari will never succeed with the current EFCC leadership unless he reappoints Ribadu who knows the job. Patriotic, concerned trustworthy and irreproachable soldiers should help Buhari by overthrowing him purposefully to clean Nigeria as Ghana did.

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