Comment on Ohanaeze, Arewa youth groups to meet in South East by Ogom Igboneme


I am surprised that some Igbo youths had time to go and discuss with some almajari called arewa youths who issued quit notice to our people in the north and threatened violence against those that will remain behind after the expiration of the notice.I hope these youths are not idle and jobless like the arewa youths. Our people should realise that northerners always renege on agreements they enter into. For example, Gowon reneged on agreements he reached with Eze Gburugburu in Aburi and then led jihad against Igbo in Biafra. Igbo youths should not meet with law breakers that ought to be in detention if Nigeria were a just nation. These foolish arewa youths will know our importance after we quit.


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