Comment on Nigeria: A Governance Question or Structural Defect, Leaders Weigh In by OgbuefiIdris


Someone in the above discussion said we do not need restructuring but national values. Do people buy national values from American supermarket. Naturally we acquire value from the structure you create. The old awkward structure created one national value which is corruption. That is the only shared value among Nigerians; it is not about party, religion, ethnic group; Unless we restructure, we cannot have values that align with the aspiration of people of different ethnic groups or religion. Come to think of it, how do you talk of national values in a country promoting two divergent and opposing ideologies and even going ahead to teach our primary 1 – 3 pupils values that will make them fanatics of religion. In one of the books being presented to teach Islamic religion, the content is to indoctrinate them that Jesus is not the son of God, that Muhammad was the last prophet and is superior to all the other prophets that came before him in spite of the fact that even the quo’ran did not say so. On the other hand, in the book presented for the teaching of Christian religion, the cardinal law of the Christian religion that Jesus is the Son of God, born of a virgin Mary and of Immaculate Conception, and that He is the saviour of the World, was deliberately omitted. Even if not omitted, how can you create national values from a people that have been fanatically indoctrinated. Some other persons said what is required is good governance. And I asked, do people buy good governance from the supermarkets. Is good governance a software or computer application. If good governance is the issue, what is happening to Buhari government that is the “holy of holies” made of and put together by people who are not “clueless”. Or are we going to continue to run in circles pursuing illusion.
Nigeria has no alternative than to restructure. We cannot patch a structure put together by the Military Governments that created institutions, Local Governments, State Governments and agencies designed to favour sections of the country against the other. We had a federal constitution that was fairly equitable and acceptable to everyone; we have a revenue sharing formula or resources management formula that was fair and production based as against the current consumption formula that is breeding corruption. We had a legislative arrangement that allowed components of the federation to do what they want to do without one “headmaster” insisting that it should not be done because others are not ready to do same. WE SHOULD STOP TELLING OURSELVES LIES THAT FEDERALISM MEANS EVERYONE MUST COME TO ABUJA EVERY MONTH TO SHARE MONEY. THAT FEDERALISM MEANS ABUJA MUST DO EVERYTHING, when you know it is not possible for one man to love two wives equally not to talk of 4 wives.


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