Comment on IPOB ban saved 12m Igbo outside South East – Umahi by Bayo Bamiduro


The Igbo in the North are the ones living under threat, real threat of mass attacks; they are the ones in danger; the action of Umahi is timely and well timed and instrumental in saving not only Igbo in the North but the entire country rom another pogrom that would bring disaster of unimaginable dimension to Nigeria and her citizens; but the Igbo in the North would definitely have been the most affected. You may live in the comfort of Europe, the Americas and foreign lands and naively deride and upbraid Umahi and his colleagues. The problem with some of our Igbo brothers is that they fail to realize that the South east is too small and too ill-placed to accommodate the Igbo being the most enterprising and industrious group in Nigeria; they are the most visible and the most exposed and the most vulnerable in times of crisis. It is self-delusion to believe that they could defend themselves adequately outside the south east in case trouble starts. they made the same mistake in 1966; the older ones know the horrors of war and God forbid a repeat of same. How can a band of street boys goaded on by the silence of the well-informed lead a highly endowed people into disaster by their arrogant, abusive, hateful, self-illusory antics. yes, this regime has marginalized the Igbo in appointments. But the Igbo was every where in the six year regime of GEJ
when the south west was effectively locked out by him and his SE collaborators. Only two years of marginalization by PMB have sent you into this hysteric arrogant demonstration while you forget the good times you had under GEJ. I wish PMB were more statesmanlike, upholding the famous quotes of ‘belonging to nobody, but belonging to everybody’ and shame his critics by giving the Igbo their due. Apart from the war time and time immediately after it, the Igbo were ever in unholy alliance with this same North against the South West. Let people be reasonable and behave with civility and talk with circumspection.

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