Comment on Buhari’s new laws: Is the timing right? by Peter Okeke


The amendments to the cited laws are indeed laudable even to a common man. That supposes that the president is not as clueless and insensitive as had been made to assume by the general public. It is in the same vein and in the true spirit of a true leader and a stateman for him to also begin to address the issue of restructuring of the country with the same seriousness and selfless interest. On the issue of security and in line with this positive side of the president he should declare the Fulani Herdsmen killing machine terrorist group and to decisively as he dealt with more benign IPOB that did not to be considered as terrorists. He should be open and impartial in his way against corruption by exposing corrupt members of his party no matter how highly placed that politician may be and allow the instrument of law to have its way. That was indeed the initial expectations of those who believed in his sincerity and fearless mien to fight corruption. The moment he begins to dismantle that suffocating garb of tribal leadership disposition he can truly become one of the great leaders of our time. He can right these wrongs within the short time he has left and leave the office with an unsullied reputation and high sense of accomplishments.

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