Comment on Buhari not capable of changing anything -Odinkalu, Ex NHRC boss by Bayo Bamiduro


Prof Odinkalu has interviewed very candidly and very precisely. The President could not have done better than the ordinary given the circumstances he created for himself. His appointments were ever based on considerations outside competence, skill, experience, records of service, proven ability,or suitability. Cronyism, ethnicity, kinsmanship, religion, convenience among others dominated his criteria for appointments. These were the reasons he northernized the top ranks of our security architecture. He created a powerful cabal around himself with persons from his ethnic class or cronies or long standing associates. He lacked good advice from his appointees who were simple individuals, sycophants, self-survivalists, uninformed, ethnicists, and who were most incapable of offering well-reasoned, well-targeted, honest advice. They were all an homogeneous inbred with inevitable infertility and non-vigorous ideas. The result is what we now experience. Narrow minded, barren, inconsistent, contradictory, out-of-date, inept, subjective and often judgmental outputs and subsequent failures. Boko haram, Fulani herdsmen terrorists, maina case, NIA and, NHIS episodes and other instances of poor decisions turn out to be gigantic failures. The regime has some successes that easily pale into insignificance when placed against the failures.

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