Comment on Buhari condemns Benue, others killings, condoles families by myke oghene


What a belated reaction from the president that “change begins with”. Was he waiting for the complete annihilation of the villagers before reawakening from somnolence. The president must hold the Benue commissioner of police responsible for their utter negligence of duty. If effective punishment is meted out to the commissioner, others will learn to be proactive and methodical in their duties. It is axiomatically lucid that these same herdsmen are probably sponsored by the cattle owners and like the Boko Haram, they remain untouchably ossified in their crime. The earlier the government stem the tide of Fulani attacks, the better for the country. Further negligence on the part of the government may trigger a cataclysm that would break the “oil united one Nigeria” and the parasites would lose.

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