Comment on 19 cars, SUVs recovered from former IG Arase by myke oghene


What a shame. If we don’t kill greed in this country poverty will swallow Nigerians. The entire economic, social and political system will grind to halt and Nigeria will witness general cataclysm of an unimaginable tempo. The police force must be investigated and all corrupt ones dismissed especially those of them in Anambra, Enugu, Rivers, Abia, Delta and Edo states. A close assessment of the Nigerian Police force reveals that over aged officers are still in the system with dyed hair and wrinkled faces. 40% of our police officers especially in Delta State have overstayed in the state and whenever transferred out of the state usually find their way back within weeks. If the head is rotten what will happen to the body?. This phenomenon is prevalent in our Ministries, Parastatals-Universities and Polytechnics.

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