Comment on Fayose: I’m not afraid of EFCC, I won’t run away from Nigeria by Olu

Fayose be advised that EFCC is not the court but it will purse your case in the court.More so the murder case of the alleged people you had will reopen fast.Morso your friend Buhari is in power.
Of you can dress like woman and go on okada to cotonu please do so.
You are still young to go on life impr .Obanikoro o s kept to witness against you.You would have turned 90y90uyears before are

Comment on Sex-for-Marks Scandal: OAU Professor reportedly Sacked by Olu

He needs to go to jail as well. He abused his power and office..
More people needs to come up with substantial evidence against his likes. If not for that recording, this case would’ve have been swept under the carpet since most lecturers are like him.

Good start…

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