Comment on Peter Okoye of P-Square reacts to calls for his arrest by APC group (PHOTOS) by Okoro

Comment…Nigeria has no beautiful cities dat ar worth showing to de world. instead of our leaders to burry their corrupt faces in shame, they’re busy trying to stifle de small progress out youths are making through showbiz. pls someone tell me any city in Nigeria dat come close to south African cities.. not even even our Abuja. a country without running water nd electricity or good roads, yet we say we ar giants. giants in failure. Those other countries our artists go to shoot should have even banned us from using their countries to shine… But there’s hope bcos very soon revolution. will wipeout these evil leaders we have..

Comment on I never Ordered my orderly to shoot FRSC official – Abia Speaker by Okoro

Comment…whether you ordered the shooting or not, you all are part of the problem. the morons who guard politicians in Nigeria act with impunity towards civilians and even law enforcement agents. if u people don’t condone their reckless behaviour, they’ll be reasonable. very soon you all will pay dearly for all the atrocities you subject all of us to… yeye politicians. uncivilized idiots-in-charge…. mtchewwwww…

Comment on Elderly Woman paraded round Community for having Sex with younger man (PHOTOS) by Okoro

Comment…all the idiots who publicly paraded these two should and must be jailed. what has age got to do with two adults having sex. was she raped? is she someone’s wife? Nigerians please grow up… this is 21st century….

Comment on Crocodile caught as Lekki gets flooded (PHOTOS)  by Okoro

Comment…shame on us.. our future generation will come and see our widelife only on paper drawings/pictures or videos. we will have hunted our wild life into extinction.. Nigerians please, wide life is part and parcel of our environment. let’s preserve it. from snakes to vultures and every other animals in between. I rest my case for now.

Comment on Crocodile caught as Lekki gets flooded (PHOTOS)  by Okoro

Comment… what a stupid country… in this day and age when humanity is making efforts to protect and preserve wide life and bio diversity, Nigerians are busy destroying what is left. What a primitive people are we.??? Why do we see anything wild as something to be destroyed? The most annoying part is that even our so called press/journalists/ and media people will help glorify these uncivilized acts. No wonder some people now refer Nigeria as a ZOO. Our mumu don too much.

Comment on Nnamdi Kanu dares APGA, storms Anambra, defiles bail conditions (PHOTOS) by Okoro

Comment…Even if Nnamdi KANU couldn’t actualise Biafra. Even if he crashes nd fall apart, I believe that God has used him in a great way to ginger Nigerians to discuss their problems nd look for a way forward. Our so called intellectuals nd politicians lacked the liver to speak up nd back it up with action. KANU has fearlessly led the way in confronting the monsters everybody was scared of. No doubt pours out invectives, makes hate speech, etc, but there is truth nd substance in his “rantings”. Nigeria and all its component parts will be a better place if we utilize this opportunity to discuss our problems as people genuinely nd take concrete actions to move Naija forward…

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