Comment on Amaechi’s God Complex by "Korede

My dear Shaka Momodu,

I quote

“Now, let no one be mistaken that this is about I personally supporting Magnus Abe’s rumoured ambition. It is not, because I cannot in good conscience support him. It is simply about allowing the principle of democracy to flourish.”

I will replace the last sentence in the quote with “It is because I have an axe to grind with Amaechi”

You are a PDP man and after condemning the fact that Amaechi assumes that he is God, you went further to profile him.

I agree with you totally that nobody is God including Amaechi and his co-travellers in APC,PDP and other political parties.

I look forward to when you will do same for other politicians no matter their political parties that they do not hold tomorrow and that they are not too sure they will be alive including the person making this comment by 2019 let alone determining who will be candidate and who will not for 2019 election.

Remind them of Alhaji Adedibu of Oyo state polirtics and elder Saraki of Kwara, Kogi and even Benue.

Comment on Restructuring Nigeria is Non-negotiable by "Korede

I think what Simon is saying is that if all those problems he highlighted can be solved ny restructuring so be it. If it can still be solved by any other thing so be it. He is very much interested in whatever can solve all the problems he highlighted.

To me, we are talking about restructuring today simply because all our leaders have failed us. It is either deliberate acts of wickedness or lack of knowledge of what it takes to manage our resources.

His last sentence an I quote
“If we return to regionalism or break up without restructuring our brains, our latter end will be worse than our current situation.” summarized it all

Comment on Back to Basics by "Korede

Except we do not want to say the truth, the 36 states structure is unwieldy and there is no basis for their creation. In fact I am waiting for somebody to tell me the rationale for the creation of those states. Any restructuring or constitutional amendment that will not touch on these state structures will only postpone the evil day. We need to go back to regionalism which will help us a lot in reducing our recurrent expenditures and free more for for capital projects and eventually bring about development.

One more thing I want to add is we do not wage war against corruption (” beyond the fiasco of a mythical Mohammadu Buhari waging a seemingly unwinnable war against corruption”) we are still doomed as a nation. This is because that is one thing that Nigerians are united on. No religion, ethnicity, APC, PDP, APGA etc when it comes to sharing our national wealth illegally. It is not about Buhari or APC.

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