Comment on Repackaging — not restructuring — is what Nigeria needs, says Okorocha by Izzycn

Governor Okorocha is a disappointment to an average Nigerian. Please someone should ask him to keep if he has nothing to say instead of embarrassing himself and Ndi Igbo in general.

To him, restructuring means creation of additional states. by his statement, he has shown himself as lacking in education or what Senator Nnamani called, “poorly educated”.

Let him face governance in Imo state and pay pensioners and workers their salary and leave national discuss to those with intellectual capacity to contribute positively.

Comment on Sam Amadi: I — not Jonathan — reversed electricity tariff by Izzycn

Amadi should be told that Nigerians are wiser than he imagined. Unless he is telling us he appointed himself as head of NERC, then it is understandable.
The reason why those who brought untold hardship to Nigeria and Nigerians still move freely and unchallenged is that the system shielded them from punishment. The likes of Amadi should be serving long prison terms, but this is Nigeria for you.
But make no mistake, it can continue this way, is a promise.

Comment on Here are the winners and losers of a broken Nigeria by Izzycn

Mayowa’s articles is nothing but tacit support for the advocates of status-quo. The problem of Nigeria is man made conspiracy that benefits few in all political and ethnic zones. Besides, if population is determinant factor for economic growth, many countries in Europe will be very poor and depending on foreign, but the reverse is the case. To a very large extent, European countries are divided on tribal or language basis and that has helped to build understanding among the citizenry. The problem of Nigeria is multi-faceted but chief among which is language and tribal differences.
Following decision of Brexit decision, Scotland is waiting on the wings to go separate way and nobody is Britain is threatening fire and brimstone. The Prime Minister is rather asking them to shift such move to later date to allow her complete the exit of Britain from Europe. What is the Population of Scotland.

We need to face fact, the British imposed union does not serve the interest of majority of Nigerians. Besides, what we operate as federal system of government in Nigeria is simply deceit and deception. We need to embrace true fiscal federalism and regional autonomy. Anything short is postponing the evil day.

Comment on Igbo free to leave… northern elders back Arewa youth by Izzycn

The statement credited to Ango is a confirmation of the fact that the voice of the youth is Esua and the body is Jacob. The arrogance and impunity the Northerners assume in matters concerning the country is to say least unbecoming.

But make no mistake about it, 2017 is not the 1967 and the earlier this get into their head the better for all of us.
The British conspiracy that encouraged them to commit genocide against the Igbo is not possible this time around.

They should bear in mind that northerners are not police man of the nation, they can speak as it concerns Arewa nation and not Nigerian nation.

Comment on Senate summons Amaechi over ‘exclusion’ of eastern rail lines from upgrade by Izzycn

There is no hiding the fact that the south east has lost out completely under the present regime. In the military, all high ranking officers were quietly removed. While Lagos Ibadan express is being reconstructed and modernized, Enugu-Port Harcourt express is being patched up, using local contractors.

Shame to those who are calling for the head of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB members.

Comment on Nwodo: Igbo feel unwanted in Nigeria — that’s the real reason for Biafra agitations by IzzyCN

The Ohaneze should prevail on the south east governors to work out economic policies that will attract Igbo business men and women to transfer substantial part of their investment and business to the south east. We need to put our house in order first and develop economic base that will enable Ndi Igbo to engage the Nigerian state from the position of economic strength and not the waving of flag by MASSOB and IPOB members.

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