Comment on Jonathan: I got more support from south-east than south-south while in office by Izzycn

This is true confession, but the question is, what did you do for them in return. Under your administration, Niger bridge foundation laying ceremony was done twice, yet nothing was done. All federal roads in south east were in there worst state.

Shame to you and all south east sons and daughters that sang praise of you while in government.

Comment on Nigeria’s misunderstanding of Buhari’s foreign Policy by Izzycn

Mr.Nwankwo is attempting to inform us that he will do better job as Buhari’a mouth piece and Shehu and Adeshina.

But one thing he needs to clarify is why is Buhari in one breath reconstructing the North East but in another breath is destroying the South East. Nigerians are wiser than Nwankwo and his co-travelers want us to know.

Comment on Kanu’s Biafra agitation is ‘nonsense talk’, says Clark by izzycn

Edwin Clark is one of the problems besetting us as a nation. He has been a beneficiary of the injustice and corruption bedeviling us that has created the present agitation. One should ask him the kind of advice he gave ‘his son’ during the six years he presided over the nation and our common wealth.

The truth is that we don’t need the likes of Clark to fix the nation. He and his co-travelers should be consigned to ignoble history.

Comment on Buhari just saved Ndi Igbo from doom by izzycn

If by now Nwabufo does not know that the quit notice to Igbos in the North has the backing of political, religious and military elite of Northern extraction, somebody should tell him to wake up from his sleep. And as if that was not enough, his claim that Buhari saved Igbos from doom is laughable to say the least.

Make no mistake about, 2017 is not 1967. If anybody believes that the North will have their way like in 1967, the best place for such person is psychiatric hospital.

We should learn from the rag tag Gboko Haram militants that almost brought Nigerian nation to her kneel. The world has gone beyond 1967 and the earlier the Northern apologists realize this the better for all of us.

The atrocities of fulani herdsmen all over the federation and in particular south,far out weighs the civil protest and agitation of IPOB, yet the power that be has done nothing about it.

Nwabufo and his people should learn to be objective and balance in their statements and write ups.

Comment on Sultan: 1914 amalgamation not an error because God doesn’t make mistakes by izzycn

Those who are benefiting from this fraud called Nigeria, will always oppose anything that will make for the good of all. Am not surprised that the Sultan wants us to believe that Lord Luggard could be equated as God that amalgamated Nigeria.

The same Britain whose son turned to God in Nigeria could not hold together the United Kingdom, the Scoth and Irish who presently enjoy some degree of autonomy are now asking for full independence and no body is breathing fire and brimstone like the oppressors are doing in Nigeria.

May God help us.

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