Comment on Okorocha installs sister as Commissioner for Happiness by Diamond

Benosky must be from Imo state. It is their money worshipping attitude that is making Okorocha to get more stupid every day: They don’t care about what is right, they just want to share in the money. That is why you see them scrambling to appoint Okorocha’s children represent them, so daddy will give them a share in the cake

Comment on Reuben Abati: Libya – No Brother in the Jungle by Diamond

We can blame Obama’s intervention and his not putting in place, institutions in the aftermath for creating the vacuum and causing crisis in Libya. But we Africans are solely responsible for trading and enslaving our brethren. And so should own our atrocious actions.

I also hold the opinion that whatever good Gaddafi did in Libya does not justify his 42 years hold to power: Libya is not his personal estate. I do not support his killing, even though it was an extremely difficult position considering he vehemently refused to back down and step aside, and the situation already escalated beyond control when he agreed to. Now, all Libya woes are blamed on Obama for Gaddafi’s death. And this is why no matter how expensive Mugabe exit deal is, it is good they didn’t kill him to avoid future blame games.

Leadership should be transitional and progressive. Any leader that believes no other person can excel on the job and so thinks it an excuse to sit-tight is a bad leader. Good leaders groom and pave way for others, so to usher in fresh ideas to reform, innovate, and develop. The late Madiba, Nelson Mandela should be a role model for despotic leaders to emulate.

Comment on Okorocha installs sister as Commissioner for Happiness by Diamond

Rochas Okorocha is a representation of the kind of people you get in Imo State. A state where every kindred wants to be autonomous community, and have an Igwe (with council) who is only after their stomach. The people are not left out in the greed as they try to out-do one another in the sycophancy and beggarlyness. Does it still surprise anyone that this Buffoon named Okorocha plans to install his son in-law as his successor, and of course Imo minions are already campaigning for him. Do we still wonder how the Roach got elected the second time?

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