Comment on Under 30 & Making their Mark! ThisDay Style’s Profile of these 5 Women that have Changed Lives through Enterprise is a Must Read by Tutu

Being an entrepreneur is hard, If your parents aren’t rich, it’s harder! But I believe there are entrepreneurs blazing the trail that didn’t have privileged backgrounds. It would be nice to feature those guys too though.

However, I’m not going to take away these guys hardwork. They could as well sit down and be spending Daddy’s money but they decided to make a difference with it.

Comment on Nigerian Army says air raid kills Shekau, Boko Haram commanders by WHAT OF EVIL BARNAWI?

What use is it if we only wasted Shekau when his successor and commander Barnawi promises to be more lethal, nay vicious? I think the same plane should have detoured to decimate this new infidel called caliphate. Please return and shell Barnawi, before he starts mushrooming. Deal with these rabid dogs once and for all. Enough is enough, I mean these boys have given Nigeria sorrow, tears and blood enough. We must overrun them, and that now. Barnawi next!

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