Comment on Wife debunks Olujonwo Obasanjo’s Assault Allegations, Accuses him of Infidelity, Emotional & Verbal Abuse | See Counter-Affidavit by Boss

Thank you joor. She probably just wanted children. Too many red flags before the wedding. Did they even date at all?

Comment on Here’s Your Exclusive Look at the Luxurious New Home of South Africa’s Bonang Matheba | Watch by Boss

@Anon 11:22, Once again, hater did you Toke’s bag there? l bet hatered took your eyes away. That is friendship. No competition. No jealousy. God forbid that l should be your friend. l pity your friends i.e if you have any. Shior.

Comment on “I fear for my safety and that of my baby” – Alleged Mother of Jamil Abubakar’s Love Child cries out by Boss

This man is wicked. The girl was only 21 when he got her pregnant. How old is he again? Oga, 40k in this Buhari change? How can you sleep at night knowing your child is living on thx for coming for small small girls who are still breast feeding? What a joke. This is what happens when ur heart is elsewhere but marry for prestige. Good the girl is halaing oh. Rich people can be dangerous especially dis lain man wey no date before arrangee hook am.. Bella swallow this one too you hear. in case you haven’t noticed most people don’t bother commenting here anymore.

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