Comment on Here’s why people think this Audi Ad is Offensive by Bennie

They are very right, why would the groom’s mother inspect a bride like that as if it is a farmer pricing a farm animal and wants to be sure the animal is okay?moreso, is she just seeing the bride?
The Ad is really offensive jor, i understand that they might be trying to say a man values his car just as he values his wife but it is so wrong. It really should be taken down this is not the early 40s

Comment on Abia Speaker allegedly orders Police to shoot FRSC Officials for stopping Wife’s Vehicle by Bennie

Sheer indiscipline is the order of the day, why couldn’t she just stop and obey orders. I pray she is prosecuted, what nonsense.
Even if the officer was wrong couldn’t they have gotten his details and report him to their command instead of taking laws into their hands and if you check very well they must have been over speeding as most government officials are fond of doing on the road. We need to make our lawmakers and government officials know that they are certainly not above the law!

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