Comment on Dangote talks Nigeria’s Lack of Visionary Leadership, Plans to buy Arsenal & looking for a Wife in New Interview by Anon

SERIOUSLY! He’s God’s gift to some women, and some women (and hopefully for him, ultimately one woman) would be God’s gift to him. If he’s not your taste, keep it moving and go find your own, rather than bore us with the unnecessary militant feminizing. Not everything calls for an agenda (or in this case, agendum).

Comment on Public Transportation in Big Cities in Nigeria? Here Are Some Pros + Cons of This Commute Style by Anon

@Marsala, the NYC did not always work and used to be the poster child of bad subways.

Anyway, Nyers have very little option – cabs are way too expensive, cross-town traffic is murder and parking (when you can find it) costs an arm and a leg. Thus, we persisted with crackheads and public masturbators (and rats the size of small dogs) until the subway improved.

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