Comment on I Fear PDP Will Take Advantage Of APC Crisis And Seize Power – Buhari by Powerman

Comment:@PMB, you’re the one tearing the party apart by your lopsided appointments to favour your tribe alone. You’re the one destroying the party by your flagrant display of ethnic chauvinism and nepotism. When won’t the party be torn apart when you’re openly supporting a systematic pogrom against other ethnic group arming your tribesmen to wreck havoc on other tribes. Mr. President blame yourself for the impending implosion of your party not the National Assembly.

Comment on Our meeting with Buhari not on 2019 elections – APC Governors by omodaddy


Seriously? “…was merely to condole with President Muhammadu Buhari over the loss of two members of his extended family.”

Who are this people? No mention of the massacre or condole with the innocent Nigerians that are losing their family members?

And to think they have to guts to talk about coming back to power in 2019. perhaps we need the south African people to come teach us some lesson on government

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