Comment on The Pursuit of ‘True’ Federalism by William Norris


Before Nigeria existed, the various tribes each had their own unique political and economic systems that were well suited to their circumstances. The British came to these shores and conquered all the tribes and then wrote LAWS that created a commercial corporation called NIGERIA, disguised as a nation state and proceeded to TAKE ALL LANDS AND RESOURCES from the tribes and give same to NIGERIA.

So the issue is NOT individual, village or tribal ownership. The tribes should have their sovereignity back and be free to DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES which economic, social and political systems they want. The Igbo should be free to continue with their Osu caste system or abolish it, the Fulani can continue to emulate the pedophilia of Prophet Mohammed, the Edo can give all their lands to their Oba and the Ijaw can give all their crude oil & natural gas resources to Egbesu to manage for them.

Get it? No dictates, no forced choices, just FREEDOM.

Comment on Dangote Unveils Plan to Replicate Cement Revolution in Rice Production by lord vuga


Does he intend to replicate the monopolistic stranglehold he has on cement ? Despite his boast about cement production ,cement in nigeria costs even more than it does in countries that import Cement. It is for his own capitalist gain, it doesnt mean it will make rice any more affordable for the masses. With his connections in govt, that will grant him monopoly with their policies over the commodity. I dont know why we just cant learn in this country.

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