Gorilla – the world’s biggest ape

Gorilla is the largest monkey in the world. Big, massive mouth and size make it seem very dangerous. However, it is just pretense – in fact, it is a very gentle animal. Gorilla is a herbivorous animal and lives in tropical forests in Africa.

Short-beaked echidna – spiny strongman

The echidna is similar to the hedgehog in its appearance and makes the impression of a rather strange, but rather harmless animal. In fact, it is extremely strong, and in captivity, it can demolish the cage. It is thought that one of bred species could carry the fridge around the room. It is said that one of the animals bred was able to move even… a fridge around the room.

Mandrill – the largest Old World monkey

Mandrills are one of the largest monkeys in the world. Only gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans* surpass them with their dimensions. However, what distinguishes mandrills among other primates is their exceptionally original coloration of the face, which looks as if it has been deliberately painted.

American alligator vs Chinese alligator

Alligators are closely related to crocodiles and caimans. For the untrained eye, they are almost indistinguishable from crocodiles. However, unlike their cousins, the alligators only swim in fresh waters. They are not as widespread in the world as their relatives.

The deepest diving mammals – TOP 10

Until recently, the record belonged to the sperm whale, a little earlier to the elephant seal. In March 2014, a group of researchers from the Cascadia Research Collective, led by Gregory Schorr, discovered that one of the Cuvier’s beaked whales, monitored by them, was diving at a record depth of 2,992 m (9,816 ft). Another Cuvier’s beaked whale broke a record of being underwater, belonging to the Elephant seal – it remained below the surface of the water for 2 hours and 18 minutes.